Friday, July 8, 2016

Cloth Diapers: Baby Sister: Ragababe Easy AIO, Small (newborn)

Yes, I love Ragababe diapers like everyone else!  I got pre-loved ones to try, because it's (still?) exceedingly difficult to buy them new from the Ragababe shop. (They sell out in minutes . . . seconds?)
Images are mine from listing to sell
I actually scored a couple new size Larges for C. at a stocking recently (a future post!), but when I was first wanting to try this brand that everyone raves about, I looked on Spots' Corner for sure!

(Side note: what is happening with the crickets at Spots lately?  It appears all the action is over at ClothDiaperTrader . . . can anyone comment with reasons why Spots is so dead?  Is it just that Rags are slightly more available currently? Does this bode ill for Hyenacart as a whole?? I want to start my shop there, but not if nobody's using it anymore!)

The first diaper to fit Miss C. (of a few Ragababes I got) was the size Small AIO.  I think I tried it on her at one week/8 lbs.-ish (after her cord was gone) and I loved it!  It was just like my beloved BumGenius Small AIOs -- I was always sad changing her out of it and waiting through a wash until I could put it back on her.

How can you not love the cuteness of the star, of course, and I think it was my mom who commented that it was C's "little goth diaper"!  Ha ha ha!

The long, stretchy wings are great; they give a great fit.  The stay-dry lining is great.  Absorbency is great!!  Unlike most of the other newborn diapers that failed on absorbency before failing on size, this one kept absorbing until around 9 weeks/13+ pounds (gasp!  Longer than the BG Smalls!!) but my long-torso girl outgrew it.  The rise was too short and it wasn't covering her bum!  But then again, it's a Small and that is what the next size up is for!

A note about sized diapers: This time around, I REALLY LIKE SIZED DIAPERS.  For little little babies, some of the snapped-down one-sizes are still ridiculously big and poufy/bunchy.  It is so nice to have a trim diaper that just fits the size a baby is at!

I ended up preferring the Ragababe AIOs more than their 2-Steps.  The 2-Steps had too many "moving parts" with the snap-in pads, and the AIO was basically perfect.  The only "issue" was that you can't really add anything to the tiny size Small pocket . . . but I didn't need to!

Also, they dry magically fast!  No needing to turn inside out or leave it overnight on the back of the couch.

Here is a bonus tip:  Ragababe has either added to the confusion, or made things less confusing (I'm still not sure) by naming their sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL for their AIOs, and Size 1, 2, and 3 for their 2-Steps.  I had a lot of confusion when I was trying to decipher the used listings!

Anyway, yes, Ragababe AIO diapers are pretty fantastic.

Cloth Diapers: Baby Sister: Thirsties Duo AIO size 1 (newborn)

Yet another discontinued diaper that served me well for Miss C!  I got a TON of these from a friend with twins (thanks again, J!) and ended up giving them to another friend.
Image from Thirsties

The Thirsties Duo AIO size 1, was, in essence, a newborn diaper for my girl.  I used them on her on the smallest snap-down at one week old! (8 lbs.-ish)  After 2 weeks old, there was no need to snap it down anymore.  The company says it's meant to fit from 6-18 lbs., but we certainly didn't get close to that!

My friend had warned me she had absorbency issues with these, so I did what I had advised her to do: stuff the "tunnel" with a thin hemp booster.  We did this at around 10 lbs. and it worked for a while.  Also, a Ragababe liner fit in the tunnel perfectly!

The tunnel was a novel idea, but it didn't always dry thoroughly and needed some inside-out airing.

By just over 11 lbs. (just over 1 month), Miss C. was maxing out the absorbency even with a booster, and they were getting snug.  Time to retire! Around this time we brought out some of our one-size diapers.

This was great to have on hand (and in such quantity) so I could have all AIOs, and they did their job while they fit.  I didn't like having to stuff them with an extra loose piece, though -- because then it's hardly more than a pocket.  Anyway, now Thirsties makes a One-Size AIO (which I will review in the future!) and that design worked a lot better.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cloth Diapers: Baby Sister: BumGenius 3.0 Small AIO (discontinued)

Ah, the BumGenius Small AIO: the best diaper!!!  Too bad they discontinued it awhile back!  It's the perfect size between newborn diapers and one-sizes.

Photos are mine from listing to sell
According to the company, these were made to fit from 8-16 lbs.  I found that it was still too big right at the beginning, but it definitely fit at just under 10 lbs. -- the 3-week mark -- right when C. was outgrowing the BumGenius Newborns!

With Big Sister, I had ONE of these diapers.  Just one!  (A light pink one that was on clearance at the Cottonbabies store.) Remember, I was trying to be economical with prefolds and covers back then?  I loved that little AIO, though.  I remember being sad when I had to change it and wait to put it on E. again!  It just fit so well and was SO EASY.

Well, for Baby Sister, my friend gave me a whole bunch of BG Smalls that she had used for her son! (Thank you, E.!)  I was so excited to now have 12 of them!  And sure enough, they were a favorite the second time around.  Here is what I like about these:

* They fit for that tricky time between newborn size being too small and one-sizes still being laughably huge.
* They have a pocket so you can feel if the microfiber is actually dry out of the dryer, AND if it's still damp, you can turn it inside-out for more air-dry time.
* Comfortable for baby!  Nice fit on a small bum -- roomy but not gappy or bunchy or poufy.  Also trim.
* They fit for a long time!!  These easily fit C. from 3 weeks to 8 weeks (about 13 lbs.).  Then they maxed out on absorbency.  (Thanks to the pocket, we were adding a Ragababe liner for a bit of a boost, but I finally had to retire them.  I sold the whole lot to a good home!)

Actually, I still have the pink one! You can tell I'm a crazy cloth enthusiast because I couldn't part with it!

Why did they discontinue this diaper??  If you have the chance to nab some of these used, go for it!  It is a much better choice than the BG newborns/Littles.

No matter; when I get my shop up and running, I will offer a diaper for this same convenient size range. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Cloth Diapers: Baby Sister: BumGenius Newborn AIO

I ended up with some BumGenius Newborns (now called "Littles" I guess) from a friend passing them on -- more like back -- from a gift I had given her!  Yay, cloth!  (Thank you, J!)  I think I may have stumbled on 1-2 of these at the consignment shop, too.

Photos are mine from listing to sell
These fit the bill for the convenience of newborn AIOs, but I surprised myself by not liking them all that much.  They fit C. right away, but without a cord snap-down, they were no good at first!  (The company description that they fit low under the cord is A LIE.)  I only used them when the cord fell off -- and even then I tried folding them down a bit and it was awkward.  The velcro was very stiff and scratchy and hard to fold.

She started saturating them around 2.5 weeks.  No leaks, though, but a bit of stink and need for more thorough cleaning.  I don't like how they are "sealed" shut; PUL-microfiber-suedecloth -- there's no way to feel if it needs more drying time out of the dryer.  I often set them out overnight just in case.

They are supposed to fit 6-12 lbs.  At just under 10 lbs. she was done with them.  Technically they still fit but it was tight and they were sopping.  Thankfully I had other more effective and cute options!

Also at that time, she started fitting the BumGenius Small AIOs.  Those fit soooo much nicer (roomy!) and for longer!  You could also feel if they didn't get all the way dry in the dryer and could turn them inside out to dry.  Too bad they have discontinued the smalls! (Don't worry; I'm planning on making a similar size diaper when I get my shop up and running!)

Cloth Diapers: Baby Sister: WonderWorks Baby

I got these diapers via Spots' Corner.  They were fairly ancient-feeling, but they held up!  They didn't have a cord snap-down, so I sort of folded them.  This brand is long gone (I think), but I like to be thorough!

Images are mine from listing to sell

They fit Baby Sister right away, and they're a good example of "stash fillers" for me.  I really, really wanted to have the ease of newborn AIOs instead of prefolds and covers!!  I loved it.  I would advise anyone to get as many newborn AIOs as you can (whatever brand) -- they just make life EASY!

And with the second child, your life is hard enough as it is, am I right?  My motives totally changed from "trying to be frugal" with E. to "trying to make life as CALM and stress-free as possible" with C.!  Also I knew I loved cloth, so buying more diapers?  Not a problem.