Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How to Move, part 1

* Get one of those big metal packing tape dispensers with the handle -- it's SO worth it!! Also extra tape, like from Costco.
* Watch Craigslist for free boxes, and nab 'em!
* Use banker's boxes with lids -- nice.
* Devise a labelling system and mark each box with a Sharpie (D1, D2, A1, A2 etc.) and keep a running legend on a notepad so you know what's in each box.
* Tape up and label each box as soon as it's full.
* Keep the legend, pen, and Sharpie in the same place at all times so you know where they are!
* Pack boxes to the brim, using newspaper if needed to stuff 'em full.
* Crumple all those stupid free grocery circulars and inane fliers for padding! It's the only time you'll ever WANT those things. Get more from friends!

more later . . .


bec said...

so do you want my "stupid free grocery circulars" ??

oh man... you are such a big ol 'J'!!! Did you watch me pack up my stuff last year when I moved? I had such good intentions to be really organized, but failed miserably. My brothers were helping me pack up random junk (lamps, jewelry, clothes, books) in trash cans and laundry baskets the day of my move. I thought i would be motivated to unpack my boxes in my house and bring the empty ones back to the apartment to refill, but that didn't quite work out as planned.

Dorothy said...

Hmm, the more circulars, the merrier! Wow, I never thought I'd say that.

And yeah, I'm so "J", I don't even understand what "P" means. The test I took, I only got 1 point in P and like 20 in J. So there ya go!!