Sunday, April 15, 2007

How to move, part 2

* Put everything you want to sell in one place (hmm, like your sun porch!), photograph it, and post it all to Craigslist. Also be sure to sell a few things to your downstairs neighbors
who just moved here from India and don't have any furniture. (it's so interesting; Jacintha says her kids are FREEZING and crying in the 50-degree weather, and they're using quilts and winter clothes and space heaters and have their heat up to [gulp] 85 and stuff. I guess southern India really is HOT!!)

* When you disassemble shelves/bookcases, be sure to put all the fasteners (along with the proper IKEA allen wrench, if necessary) in a ziplock bag, and mark what shelf it goes to on the bag with a Sharpie. I usually tape the bag to the boards, but this time the fasteners will go in one box, and read below for the boards!

* Get a roll of 2-foot-wide packing plastic wrap from Office Max (because they don't seem to have it anywhere else) and SHRINK WRAP all those boards! Man oh man, that plastic is great. You can make these bundles that are way easier to handle, and they all sort of stick together, and everything's protected. Also good for anything that's too bulky for a box! Oh, uh, save your thoughts about how the heck you're going to recycle the plastic for later; the most important thing now is to get your stuff from Point A to Point B! (maybe it can be reused or sold to another mover? ugh, later later later, time to pack!!)


z_no said...

* make sure your friends bring any (huge) overdue wedding presents before you move across the damn country :)

Dorothy said...

Best present ever! Emily came over last night and was COMPLETELY impressed. :) When we move it, I think it'll fit perfectly in the protective hug of my red chair.

Aww, our projects are friends! :)