Tuesday, April 17, 2007

there goes the bedroom!

Well, we sold our bed on Sunday! Leaving me to create a nestlike pile of rugs, blakets, and collected puffy softness to sleep on. (and no, this does not include all the dust bunnies around here, ha ha, gross!)

I can give my dresser to the neighbors at any time (they officially bought it), and hopefully someone will buy A's dresser (it's nice!), and then we'll have no bedroom furniture, woot!

Actually, the neighbors officially bought a couple of these rugs we're now sleeping on . . . hmm . . . I'm torn between the desire to cross stuff off the list, and the desire to keep my back intact, away from the hardwood floor. Verily, hmm!

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jeffrey said...

Yay for moving to Portland! That'll be an exciting change and adventure. I applied for an internship there over the summer. I haven't heard anything so I doubt I got it but maybe I'd be out that way too!