Friday, May 18, 2007


It's nice that the grocery stores here have alcohol along with everything else. Not that I even really drink, but it's nice. PA won't even sell their beer and wine in the same place, and you can forget about cheap lambic at Trader Joe's! Here? Not a problem; there's cheap lambic in the grocery store! :)

Cooking on an electric stove is interesting, by which I mean frustrating, by which I mean crappy.
Although I am impressed by how fast water boils (and keeps boiling!) on that thing. Must be the special "huge" burner. Needless to say, if a future house is not run on gas, I may have to get all snobby and own some propane tank so I can cook in a normal way (NO MORE of this electric nonsense, ye gads who can stand it?!!).

Along the same lines, I am completely mystified by how this apartment is heated. Now, I understand that some homes don't have radiators, but this place doesn't even have the little rectangular vents on the floor like at my cousins' house. The only vent/fan is in the bathroom. ?? We don't have the heat on, this place is well-insulated, and summer's coming, so I really shouldn't care, but it still weirds me out. I'll take regular ol' radiators, thank you!!

Ooh, temperature! First off, it's been absolutely gorgeous every single day since we arrived. For an area that is supposed to get a lot of rain and clouds, it's been a billion times nicer than Pittsburgh!! And even when it's shorts weather during the day, it turns to a pleasant, cooler, Nova-Scotia-summer-evening, need-my-Zippy temperature at night. Ahhh, no disgusting breathing-oven-air summer nights? Works for me!

Unrelated: there are a lot of "monster trucks" out here. Not something you see in, oh, Pittsburgh or Boston. ha! Also lots of manual shift cars, and bicyclists, and runners. hmm. I also saw, stencilled on the ground in a bike lane, a stick figure on a unicycle juggling 3 balls. Wacky Portlanders!

Portland is big and crazy and I think (for now) that I may prefer Vancouver. (It was here first, after all!) Time will tell!


z_no said...

look for jobs for me, and I'll babysit for free when you and big A have a kid!

bec said...

"breathing-oven-air" hee hee! too funny. we're having a cooler weekend here in the burgh.

Dorothy said...

What kinda job you want, Billy Bob? I'm totally on it!