Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The bounty of the NW

So what do you do first thing when you move to a totally foreign place? Buy groceries of course! Surely it's a survival instinct.

There are so many fun and different grocery items here! Take Costco, my magical favorite place to shop (that is a 100% responsible do-gooder company, too; do not confuse with evil Sam's Club and the like!!). The local Costco still has Sabra hummus (thank goodness), but they also have a wealth of other great items like: really high-fiber grainy good Canadian organic flax bread; their own store brand of coffee beans that are freshly roasted in the store and insanely good; local organic half-and-half; Bob's Red Mill muesli; and on and on. All for SUPER CHEAP!! You know me, I am cheap, and when I say it's cheap, it's a mighty good deal.

BUT. This barely compares to the wonder that is Winco. Winco truly has "24 hours of savings"! Bulk foods! (basmati rice! brown rice! tea! dutch cocoa! dried apricots! spices! EVERYTHING, it's like PennMac and WholeFoods combined, on steroids, for a fraction of the cost!!) Meats of all kinds, cheap cheap cheap! Local milk for $2.18 a gallon, I'm dying! I think I have found the MarketBasket of the West.

I've noticed that there really is a focus on local food here -- and it's contagious! When you have a choice of something from Minnesota and something from Battle Ground, WA , you get all excited to buy locally. It's great! And I can do it because it doesn't cost an arm and a leg and I don't have to go out of my way; it's like the standard lifestyle. I guess it helps that so much food is grown out this way. Strawberries at the regular grocery store taste awesome, and I can only surmise it's 'cause California is mere hours away, not days. I went to the Vancouver farmers' market as well, which was nice and affordable, though I don't mind paying more to the farmer standing in front of me.

And I haven't even gone into Portland for groceries yet! Who knows what other local-organic-healthy-friendly-treats await me there?! It's very inspir-o-matic to be healthy here, which is just what I strategized back in Pgh. Excellent. This alone gets me, oh, 40% closer to getting fit!

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jeffrey said...

time test: 9:09pm and I need to go grocery shopping cause have almost nothing in the cupboard!

The food selection here has been really hard for me to be healthy let alone eco-minded. There are lots of markets and places to buy fresh fruit/veg but I need more! i used to buy a lot of processed or semi-processed food in the 'burgh and it's different here. 'mirror-world' versions of everything which doesn't satisfy my needs. Betty Crocker chocolate something cake mix which has a picture of brownies? nothing like brownies! not so good. I can't wait to eat mac-n-cheese and the american version of cheddar instead of funky red leister and wensleydale which tend to be too hard (not oily enough). also other cheeses are really expensive here. I thought being so close to France and Holland there'd be good, cheap cheeses, but I have yet to find that. $30/# english cheese? there are lots of vendors with huge wheels. not in my budget! I will end my rant now. :)