Monday, May 14, 2007

PGHPA-->VANWA (part 1B)

Sheridan-------->The Dalles, OR
Big Sky!! Montana is just gorgeous, with 360-degree craggy mountains and pines and fried pork chop sandwiches in Butte! Idaho = FJORDS, I swear, all up and down with tiny towns tucked all around. Let me also mention here that an iPod on shuffle with 1500 songs in the queue is wicked awesome for road trips in every way.

Past Spokane WA, the land turned all scrubby "high desert" and was almost like NM, but green! Really crazy nice Monet colors reflecting off the landscape the whole way along . . . that Orbital song "Little Fluffy Clouds" kept playing in my head (never got to it on shuffle).

We really really kept on driving so we'd only have a tiny bit to do on our last day. I'm amazed we got all the way to The Dalles!

The Dalles (what the heck is up with that name)-->Vancouver, WA
Our last day was the nicest weather-wise as we cruised the Columbia River, reminded of our trip way back when. We really started to feel like we made it! ("We're leaving Pittsburgh" switched to "We left Pittsburgh" back in Iowa, but "We've arrived and it's beautiful and all this nature sure beats the pants off Pittsburgh and ohmigawd we're HERE!" didn't hit until this last couple hours.)

We got to the apartment at last, did a ton of paperwork (WA is really thorough and consistent about renting -- makes PA look either laid-back or sloppy!), and ended up eating Jaegerschnitzel at a German restaurant -- woot!

So, we're here. More from this crazy past "first week", this week!

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