Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So much activity!

This past weekend was great! First there was Pirates of the Carribbean on Friday -- rated "arrrrrgh!" of course. ;) Not the most fulfilling ending, but fun nonetheless.

The Saturday Portland Farmers' Market -- what a COOL place!! We couldn't find it at first (a little wandering is good, though; we found a crazy Escheresque fountain), but getting closer, you couldn't miss it. So many people, families, little kids, cloth bags full of bouquets, comfortable shoes, sundresses, smiles, sights and smells! It is about 10 times the size of the Vancouver Farmers' Market. I first scouted the "aisles" with Arvonn, who then laid down in the grass and let me mingle through the crowd picking up asparagus, snap peas, honey (from a true honey enthusiast!!), herb plants, and shawarma, yum! Now I've got mint, sage, basil, and cilantro in a big bowl planter on the patio. :)

Needless to say, we'll be back there! Then we wandered over and said hi to Maggie at the Saturday Market (the art place, not the farmer place) and got invited to a barbecue! score! By this point I was kind of done with crowds (and the Sat. Market crowd is more . . . intense), so we meandered back to the car.

On the way we stopped at a Columbia store where I bought my official "Northwest drizzle light jacket" -- an expensive one at that -- but it fit perfectly and I felt really good about myself and attractive in it, so who can blame me? For once I shopped practically AND emotionally! (and for once something fit perfectly!)

Sunday was kind of blah and full of errands, so we can skip it.

Monday, Arvonn and I went out kayaking on Vancouver Lake! It was fantabulous!!! We paddled around an island and saw squawking herons (or were they pterodactyls?), huge eagle-type birds, and then . . . a sockeye salmon jumped into our boat!

No, just kidding, but we saw crazy fish LEAPING out of the water, straight up and spinning around, all around us! So funny! One of them was huge, it had to have been the biggest salmon EVER. Also you can see Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams all from the lake! Another place to go back to!

In the evening we took our cookies and potato salad to the BBQ in Laurelhurst Park. Maggie and Brandon have great friends; everybody was really nice and we had a fun time. So now we know, let's see . . . seven? more people! We ate lots of food, talked, played charades, met some other passing friends who had a newborn, kept other dogs from making Maggie's dog too hyper. :) I guess these folks are Maggie's posse so we'll see them again! Everyone seemed happy to meet us, and ohmigawd, everybody LOVED the potato salad!!! Like beyond belief "this is the best potato salad ever" loved it! I'm really happy, and I later told my mom (it's her family recipe), and she was glad, too! She said my grandma must have been there in spirit (for Memorial Day and all). :) If you have the recipe (I know some of you do!), make it for your next picnic! It's no lie, EVERYONE LOVES IT!

We stayed until after dark (love that high-latitude lasting sunlight! It was like 10pm!), and then drove home happy. Yay friends! Yay lake! Yay our new Northwest home, feels more comfy all the time!


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this all makes me very happy!

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Come join us! ;)