Tuesday, May 8, 2007

We made it!

Comin' atcha from Washington! (no, not "DC"!) More later when my real computer gets set up.

I heart it here already! :)


z_no said...

No Shit!?!
I want road trip stories ASAP missy :)

jeffrey said...


bec said...

I'm glad you got there alright!
I'll be thinking of you guys this weekend when david and i travel up to ben and emma's farm to get plants. ) :

Dorothy said...

Hi guys! All our crap comes today in the wacky containers (=hours of labor followed by a trip to one of these crazy brew pub/movie theaters), and A. gets his office back tomorrow so then the laptop is mine mine mine for more stories!

Bec, don't be sad! Go to Ben and Emma's and get another one of those mossy plants -- seriously, just chuck the other one and start over, do it for me, okay? -- and keep it in a bright-but-no-direct-sun spot (north window worked for me), water it after it gets a touch dry (it will droop and tell you it needs water NOW!!) and keep it away from the kitchen sink -- that must only work if you're Amish.