Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fred Meyer

Arvonn and I found the best Fred Meyer ever! (It is by 164th and McGillivray, for anyone reading in Vancouver.)

But before we get to that, let me explain the concept. Fred Meyer is this half grocery store, half Kmart type of place. But no, it's not exactly like Kmart, and it doesn't feel as trashy/cheapy/blue-wavelengths-of-fluorescent-lights-are-blinding-me as Wal-Mart. It has a lot of different things, from kitchen stuff and vaccuum cleaners, to clothes and jewellery. I don't know, the way it's laid out it's like a small, self-contained, partially-useful mall. The grocery store is tacked on one end, where if you entered on that side you might not see all the other consumer opportunities that await you. The entrances are marked, "Entrance A: FOOD" and so on. Very odd!

Well, I've heard that other "Freddy's" (as they're locally called) stores can be pretty run-down. The first one we went to was as described above, not bad at all, really. BUT, this new one we found is HUGE! It's like a grocery store+Whole Foods+Canadian Tire+Sur La Table+like everything else under the sun. We were amazed! Oh, and all these Freddy's sell affordable LeSportsac knockoff bags! Sigh, as much as I am tempted, they really are cheap and look like they'll fall right apart. oh, well!

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