Wednesday, June 6, 2007

stay on track

Now, before you think that I'm 100% healthy over here with organic fresh food and all that, let me make note of some new junk food purveyors that make it as hard to stay healthy as the farmers' markets make it easy. A. and I stumbled upon these places while being kind to ourselves (right, Bec?), but we just can't go back! They're too tasty, too tempting, and thoroughly maddening. It's not fair!

* Burgerville milkshakes. The burgers at Burgerville aren't spectacular (although apparently they're all-natural and local and stuff), but the shakes are yummy soft-serve with a straw. Okay, so I've had two of them, but in our last desperation-hunger trip to Burgerville, I had unsweetened iced tea! So there!

* Sheridan's Frozen Custard. You know how good the Rita's custard is? Yeah, take it and make a zillion sundae combinations with it, and you have this place. I almost went here again, but I realized I didn't need it! group hug.

* Wienerschnitzel. The first and most funny thing about this place is that it doesn't even sell Wienerschnitzel. Oh-kaaay. It sells hot dogs and burgers and pastrami sandwiches, or the most evil and delicious of all, hot dogs and burgers smothered in pastrami!! We had to try one of each, and after realizing it was the best food ever, and it was killing us with each bite, we vowed never to return.

I have SUCH self-control here people. If you are naturally thin, say a little thank you prayer each day, and then go stuff your face at Wienerschnitzel for me. I'll be here soaking my chickpeas and steaming my asparagus. *glum*

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