Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hooray for the beach!

It is amazing how inspiring a trip to the coast can be. On Sunday, Arvonn and I up and decided to drive out to the beach(es) just because, well, we can! It was beautiful, inspiring, calming, and made me so happy that we moved all the way out here, because I just couldn't experience this stuff if we had moved to, say, Vermont. (I have to get some photos up on my website!) We drove through farmland and old-growth forests, wending through secret treebranch-tunnels over the road to get to beaches, cliffs, twisted windblown pine trees out of a Japanese print. And then on the shore, I swear the call of the ocean was luring me in because even with my bathing suit back in the car, I was a split-second away from just jumping right in fully clothed! But the thought of wet clothes all the way back deterred me, probably for the better. There is a 100% chance of going back to that beach, so no worries!

Actually, I know of one other place in the world that is as amazing as, and eerily similar to, the Oregon coast: Cape Breton! :) I'm excited that we live so near an area that reminds me of our honeymoon!! Hmm, maybe someday we can rent or get a beachy cottage! What is it about the beach that makes dreaming so easy? I love it!

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bec said...

I am remembering the first (and last!) time I went swimming in my clothes. Sounds awesome! and thanks for the post card.