Friday, July 20, 2007

My old landlord bought me a car!

Well, maybe it's more accurate to say that my old security deposit from the Pgh apartment FINALLY (<-- did I make that stand out enough?) came in the mail today, and what do you know? It was the same amount as the car we just bought! Yes, today we purchased a car for a 3-digit price from some lovely Russian folks in Portland. The 12-year-old son did the heavy translating. :)

So thank you, Vicki, for buying me this lovely 1990 Mazda 626 hatchback with oscillating air vents. That was a nice touch. And so sentimental of you to find me one that is the exact same color (and this time, all one color) as my briefly-owned yet beloved '91 Accord wagon, Corduroy. I believe the color was named "Seattle Silver". How fitting! Good luck renting out our old apartment . . . ha ha ha ha!!!!

PS- the frankendiesel is not happening, so we turned instead to an old standby: the Mazda!

PPS- Guess what cars on the west coast lack? RUST! As in, this car has none. Corduroy is zooming around Regent Square somewhere, its underside crumbling away . . . but no rust in the wheel wells thanks to moi!

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bec said...

but you got so good at solving rust problems! congrads on getting seattle silver.

you should wish vicki good luck in renting out my old apartment, year and three months later. ] :