Wednesday, August 8, 2007


* Arvonn reminds me that yesterday's posts were probably all affected by this thick marine-grade coating of stress in my life right now. (The deal on a house I thought we were buying fell through, so we're back to looking.) So I'd say that's probably true! I'm going to embrace the west coast vibe as much as possible. Probably starting with buying a ranch house, ha!

* Please note my friends' links on the right, and shop at Le Boutique de Maggie! Sie braucht dein Geld. Danke!

* I miss Doctor Who! Every week I was all excited to obtain the latest episode fresh from England, and now I have to wait till next Spring?! I feel like a friend moved away. :(

* Heh, I guess I'm the friend who moved away, myself. *pensive*

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