Saturday, August 18, 2007

various thoughts

* Out here the mayo is "Best Foods" instead of Hellman's. I knew this double-name existed, but I didn't ever think about this: when I changed my address on my subscription to Oprah magazine (hey, it's a great magazine!), the ads for Hellman's turned into ads for Best (same ad, different brand). I think that is kind of neat!

* In this neighborhood surrounding the apartment, everybody has garage sales as opposed to yard sales -- because everyone has a garage! There are even signs pointing you to various "G-Sales". Isn't that cute in a weird way? Oh these suburbanites. They love their garages. I've never seen people hanging out on lawn chairs in/in front of their garage until I moved out here. To me it's like, "why . . .?" Even my relatives in suburbs back in Boston don't leave their garages gaping open to hang out in. Very bizarre. But then, west coasters like to hang in their basements, too, so I shouldn't be surprised. (??????????????????)

* If you have Joy of Cooking, look up the Curried Chickpeas with Vegetables recipe. It is very tasty!!! I substituted carrots for green beans, and a combo of milk and whipping cream for yogurt (because hey, I had no yogurt). Then you can put a tortilla in the toaster oven and it will puff up sort of like naan, and you can fold yourself a little packet of goodness.

See? Look at me eating all healthy! No meat, even! (though next time I think adding thin strips of beef would be extra extra good!)

* Since fracturing my wrist (ugh I'm still in a cast), I've been thinking about my bones, and about how little milk I was drinking up till then. (I used to drink a roaring rapids of milk during high school -- college, too -- but then I tapered off -- a lot.) I usually think of myself as a strong, shall we say, "robust" young lady, but this fracture really made me realize that maybe I'm not so hardy after all. (foolhardy, maybe -- ha ha ha!)

So now I'm trying to drink milk every day, and I'm rediscovering that it's a taste sensation! Especially with the spicy recipe above. :) So ladies, drink your milk, get your calcium (and vitamin D to absorb it, =SUNLIGHT) and don't fracture anything stupidly on a beach in BC, like me!

* oh yes, and I had fun in Portland the other night with some pals, and saw Dirty Dancing on the big screen! What up Smith Mountain Lake? The movie was filmed right near A's hometown in VA; I impressed folks with the fun fact that I've been there!! Anyway, that movie really motivated me to get fit!! Right now I'm probably on par with the sister's hula dance, and that's . . . not ideal. Well, I'll get there someday. Maybe not all dirty dancing, but you know, possessing poise, grace, buff arms etc.


bec said...

curried veggies recipe sounds really good. ( : wanna have a pot luck soon? oh...that may be a long drive.
yes...i definitely try to take my calcium.
dirty dancing is such a great movie! I miss you - you coming to visit soon?

Dorothy said...

Gotta find a place to live here before I can go back whence I came! But don't worry; I'll be visiting at some point. A. always has a bunch of little biz trips that are perfect for a jaunt off home or wherever (instead of being alone -- remember? "A is away, come hang out with me!")

And seriously, make the curry recipe (or have David make it for you, ha ha)! Don't hold back on the jalapeno, either! I was scared, but it was good.