Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last night A and I got some groceries. It was chilly, so I had a light jacket on. As we pulled into the parking lot, I pretended it was colder than it was, saying, "Wait! Don't turn off the heat until I have my stuff together! Let me put on my hat, and my gloves! Okay, ready? Let's do it, we can hustle and make it inside!!"

After smiling about it, it made me wonder: is it really not ever going to get that cold here? I mean, I guess it gets in the 30's here, but apparently it doesn't get, you know, cold. Conserving body heat, biting breeze, long underwear, esophagus-is-an-icicle, what-happened-to-my-toes cold. The kind of cold that makes you appreciate being warm!

Is this going to be weird? Will it make me sad? Will I ever get to wear my super-warm pink knit wool coat? I love winter, but will this new experience simply be one of perpetual fall until it warms up in the spring? I guess it will be rainy a lot, so maybe I'll still have some nice bone-chilling via the humid "wet cold". We shall see how I react to my first winter in a "mild climate".

Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Fun!

* Went up to Tacoma for a Mazda MX6/626 meetup! This was an event orchestrated by A's computer car friends, and even though only 5 other guys showed up and I was the only wife/extraneous person/female, it was kinda sorta fun! We drove through a pretty park (Point Defiance), BBQed, and then I slowly got bored as they talked shop, but it split up before I had to use our code word for "get me outta here!" so overall it was good. Would I go again? I truly cannot say. I think it would depend on my mood that day. :)

* At the BBQ, I triumphed with potato salad yet again! Also one guy brought this fantastic steak, strips of tri-tip (I think), pre-marinated overnight with Montreal Steak seasoning (woot, Montreal Steak, you gotta love it!!) and charcoal-grilled medium-rare --my mouth is watering just thinking about it-- it was AWESOME.

* I encountered the only "No Turn On Red" sign I have seen so far in the entire Northwest. It is in Longview, WA! Seriously, nobody here minds if you turn right on red, it is great!

* The best Dairy Queen is in Raymond, WA. The clerk wrote down my wacky custom Blizzard on the bottom of the cup so she'd remember, and then proceeded to execute my favorite combo perfectly. And the cup was overflowing with beautiful chocolate goodness, as if the cup was a cone and she stacked soft serve on top. Arvonn disliked his "cotton candy" Blizzard (hey, you have to try it, right?) so he chucked it and I gave him half of mine!

* PSA!! How to Order the Best Thing at Dairy Queen, The REAL Chocolate Extreme Blizzard, By Dorothy:
a) Order the "Chocolate Extreme Blizzard".
b) Ask for it to be made with chocolate soft serve, not vanilla.
c) Ask for "extra cocoa fudge".
d) IMPORTANT!! Don't order two things at once or they WILL screw it up.
e) Enjoy your chocolate overdose and thank me later. (after this, you'll wonder what's so extreme about their basic "Extreme"!)

If anyone decides to try this, email me your reviews!! Is it not the best??

* Back to weekend stuff. We drove home from Tacoma taking the scenic route out through Long Beach, Seaview, Ilwaco, etc., just for kicks. The beach we stopped at was pretty under a twilight sky, we ran backwards from huge incoming waves, looked at reflections in the super-flat watery surface of the sand, saw folks gathered around a bonfire . . . We determined that these beach towns might be good for a future long weekend at a B+B or something. Will keep it in mind!

* Arvonn bought a set of headlights off of one guy at the meet, and installed them today! So now we have some more effective lights with bonus fog light thingies. yay!

* Also today was the Van. Farmers' Market, listening to Car Talk on a purposely-hour-long scenic route drive home on Old Evergreen Highway with falling leaves and chilly air, exploring a couple riverside parks and a surprise trout hatchery (?!?!) with included nature hike. Pretty great!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

That's it?!

Am I the only one who wasn't all that satisfied with the outcome of Harry Potter 7?

I mean, it's a great story overall, etc. etc. but . . . sigh. Not the Grand Summary of Everything that I would have chosen.