Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last night A and I got some groceries. It was chilly, so I had a light jacket on. As we pulled into the parking lot, I pretended it was colder than it was, saying, "Wait! Don't turn off the heat until I have my stuff together! Let me put on my hat, and my gloves! Okay, ready? Let's do it, we can hustle and make it inside!!"

After smiling about it, it made me wonder: is it really not ever going to get that cold here? I mean, I guess it gets in the 30's here, but apparently it doesn't get, you know, cold. Conserving body heat, biting breeze, long underwear, esophagus-is-an-icicle, what-happened-to-my-toes cold. The kind of cold that makes you appreciate being warm!

Is this going to be weird? Will it make me sad? Will I ever get to wear my super-warm pink knit wool coat? I love winter, but will this new experience simply be one of perpetual fall until it warms up in the spring? I guess it will be rainy a lot, so maybe I'll still have some nice bone-chilling via the humid "wet cold". We shall see how I react to my first winter in a "mild climate".


bec said...

will you get to celebrate the first sweater day of the season?
warmer climates seem so foreign to this raised-in-the-snow-belt-chick. did you know david didn't even own a scarf until he went to CMU? that's just wrong!

Dorothy said...

Yes,what is childhood without snowpants and the clippy clips to secure your gloves to your coat? :)

And who can forget school with everybody's defrosting, dripping wet outer gear stuffed into cubbies and scattered all over? And the morning boots change! Then getting allll dressed again for recess in the snow!

I also loved the days where it was too cold (they wouldn't take us li'l kids out if it was under 10 degrees or something like that) so we did origami or drawings or board games . . . winter rules.

r said...

Hey Dorothy! I actually do read your blog from time to time. Global warming sucks. It was 90 bloody degrees today in Chicago! From what I've experienced and what I've heard it should be 40 here right now. It's horrible and humid. I mean, come on, Chicago? This is the land of lake effect! Soon it'll probably be 10 degrees and evilly windy (I can't wait!) but for now, thank goodness for central air.