Tuesday, October 23, 2007

fun website

I found a nifty website today, walkscore.com! It calculates how "walkable" your neighborhood is when you give it an address, based on how many stores, etc. on Google are within 1 mile. Now, it's a little skewed: I, for one, can easily walk 2 miles no problem, so I think things that are, say, 1.27 miles away should still be counted. Also the Google businesses can be off (a spa/massage center is a grocery store??). But overall I think it's a neat idea. Try it!

* My parents' house in Boston has a score of 75! Yup, lots of walking growing up. 7 minutes to the subway station. :)

* My old Pgh apartment had an 82!! I miss Bagel Factory almost daily. 0.31 miles to hot pastrami on multigrain bread, provolone, lettuce tomato mayo mustard sprouts. sniff sniff! :(

* Arvonn's old crusty apt. off Baum Blvd. had a whopping 89! (there is more to quality of life than walkability, however!)

* My current apartment has a score of 11 . . . yes people, the burbs are crap.

* The house we just bought (oh did I mention that?!) has a 34. But to be fair, there's a million things just above 1 but under 2 miles away, so for me personally it's not so bad.

Actually, even at the score of 11, Arvonn and I regularly do this crazy thing called "walking" from our apt. to the grocery store, di Tazza coffee shop, Fred Meyer, and sometimes Wild Oats/Border's/movie theatre, which are all about 1.3-1.6 miles away. So even the burbs can be walkable if you make them walkable! ;)


z_no said...

That apartment was crusty :P

Dorothy said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeah. It was beyond any help from "a woman's touch". I suffered only 2 months there, however, before moving to Shady.
There I taught Arvonn the joys of an artsy, light-filled, plant-filled, CLEAN dwelling! He says now he could never go back to crust . . . thank goodness! :)

r said...

My house got a 78, as did my friend Chris's, but he's got two pizza places, a liquor store, a bank, and a coffee shop within his block alone(!). Also there's a lot of businesses probably not on google, so I'm sure it's even higher in most really urban areas.