Saturday, November 10, 2007

Post of many happenings!

I've been busy.

* Went to a wedding in Baltimore, had the most fun on Sunday at MaryElise's house with all my new cousin-in-laws (I think that's what they are?)! Also at the Nautilus Diner which has EVERYTHING and just wins. Also we used A's work GPS to get us around and it took us on a lovely scenic drive, during which i was missing the East Coast A LOT! oh well.

* Closed on a house, got the keys, commenced cleaning, priming, painting frenzy which is still in full swing. In fact, I don't know where my normal life went; I am over there all the time! But finally I'm painting on the colors, which look great, and it's very satisfying.

* Maggie helped me with some of the painting, and I'd like to note that her bread-and-cheese snack leftovers were my lunch today, thank you! :)

* My hand is newly suffering some sort of injury complete with unpleasant tingling, either from sheer overuse (overcompensating for my OTHER wrist, which was fractured as you may recall and I'm being careful with), or from overzealous paintbrush gripping/technique. Nothing a heating pad and 4 ibuprofen at a time can't handle!!

(But really, someone should just put me in two wrist braces and feed me bonbons all day long until I've fully healed. And I do mean those Bonbons(TM) that were little pellets of chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream, which used to come in the short paper cylinder and don't seem to exist anymore. Good luck finding them, now get on it!)

* Went to a delightfully friendly movie night, had fun, and will return this week for Bottle Rocket, yay!

* Just saw "The Darjeeling Limited", and everyone must see it! Wes Anderson and co. must have so much fun making those movies.

* Oh and one more thing: I think we have a very loud frog/toad living in our new back yard because I kept hearing it CROAKING this afternoon in the drizzle! I couldn't see it so it must have been chillin' in the plant life. Yay nature!


rebecca said...

I am so excited for you - If I lived nearby I would definitely feed you bonbons! well...I'm remembering last year around this time, the four of us wandered around handmade arcade. david and i may head over there again this weekend. sounds like you are doing well. take care of that wrist!

Relli said...

oooh take pictures!!!!!!
i love pictures!!!
before and after are my favorite!!!!
viele grĂ¼se!!!!