Saturday, December 1, 2007

Have no fear . . .

. . . it's SNOWING here! :D

I'm gon-na maaake it af-ter a-all! Da-dun-dun-dun----DUN!

I was going to listen to Car Talk, but now obviously I will TAKE A WALK through these fantastically fat flakes, bring along my coffee for warmth, get a granola scone at Main Street Bakery (oh yes yes that would be lovely) and pick up a couple groceries. Maybe I can even get a wreath from the guys selling Xmas trees on the corner of 39th St! EEEEEEE, winter excitement!!!

The snow seems to be slightly sticking, too! Even though this is no Minneapolis, my fears of "mild climate" are allayed for now. I might have to throw my hat up in the middle of Main Street!

Anybody get the blue references, or am I way too dorky? ;)

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