Sunday, February 17, 2008

What I did this FEBRUARY weekend

(note how it is FEBRUARY)

* Dug a big garden bed
* Got strawberry plants from a neighbor
* Planted strawberry plants, and various bulbs
* Put up a third hummingbird feeder to keep up with demand (!!!)
* Drove with the windows down
* to the garden center
* and bought more plants
* to plant tomorrow!
* still February!

People, the ground never froze here. And it's been a bright, sunny weekend and everyone's out doing yard care and taking walks and being cheery. I can totally live with this!!

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rebecca said...

that is wonderful! It sounds like spring fever has set in! David and I spent a good portion of sunday afternoon checking out real estate in Ashville, NC. Long term plans are to get somewhere warmer! I think we are supposed to get an inch (more) of snow here in the burgh by tonight.