Thursday, March 13, 2008

nonstop everything

Watching The Princess Bride on the big screen along with a hundred other movie geeks, cheering and saying lines and being generally merry = inconceivable! Oh wait, I mean, unbelievable! Unbelievably cool, that is.

I'm having various guests visit over the next few weeks, so that means getting a futon (check!), cleaning up a bit (check!), and vacuuming (ugh, the check that is still in the mail . . . as in, I haven't done this, but I will . . . sometime . . .)

Tuesday afternoon, I went with my neighbor to her friend's house to dig up plants! This friend wanted to divide allll kinds of plants and give them to us, so last evening I frantically planted the following all over my yard:

Asiatic lilies
Aster (3 types)
Astilbe (4 types)
Bluebells (2 types)
Coral bells
Daylilies (8 types)
Geranium (5? types)
Lady's Mantle (2 types)
Sedum (2 types)

. . . while A. made a delicious fake-Moussaka type of thing, which we then ate while watching The Fellowship of The Ring, just because. And then it rained all night, so I didn't have to water any of the plants!

Maybe I should vacuum now, instead of blogging. hmm.

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