Monday, May 12, 2008

light bulb goes on

Wow, today I finally figured out what the hell a podcast really is, and what RSS is. Thank you, BBC website! It takes my need for Doctor Who commentaries for me to care about current technology. And I might add, no place else ever explained these things either a) at all; or b) in a way I could understand. sheesh! (BTW I do not really appreciate the Doctor's daughter -- shes' too perky and sassy and not-a-good-actress, but maybe I'll have to re-watch. Too much emoting going on for me to focus, aiee!)

I'm always late on these things, but now OVER a year ago at this time (it was May 7), I arrived here in Vancouver and started living in the old apartment! So freshman year of the west coast can now be checked off. We've also been in this house now for nearly 6 months, which is crazy! It's really flown by. Do I like it all, am I glad I moved, is the Northwest an acceptable place to live? I think so, maybe . . . . mostly I think:

a) Leaving Pittsburgh is a very very good idea, it is necessary refreshment of, like, your will to live;
b) Meeting new people is very very good, can help a transition to any area, and results in, you know, new friends! :)
c) Clean air is very very nice, and tall coniferous trees are fun! However, they produce a bizarre longing for round, puffy deciduous trees;
d) Owning a house is great!
e) Spring and all its greenery is really is not that exciting, nor appreciated, unless you go through winter first. :(

I'm sure there are more insights, but I need coffee. Mostly I guess a, b, and d are independent of the Northwest; they'd probably be true no matter where we'd moved. Now I need my clean air, though (thanks, NW)! The lack of winter, while a novelty, may get old. I really really do like winter! (and puffy deciduous trees!) Being this far from family is pretty crappy, too. And still, nothing is old here, and the ranch houses are weird, and even though I love my house (yes, a mod mod ranch!) I still dream of living in a Victorian, or any big old house with second-and-third floor perches, double entry doors, bay windows, a turret, a porch swing, stained glass, you know, stuff like that. (Why'd I leave Pgh again? No, wait, there is way more to quality of life than your house's architecture!)

Well, it's sophomore year here, I guess . . .