Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Story of Salad and Bread Mastery

I'm a relative newcomer to the "making and eating salad at home" phenomenon, and a total newcomer to making my own salad dressing. Blue cheese dressing has always been the way to go! But this dressing I came up with yesterday is SO GOOD, that everyone has to try it. You will not be disappointed! If you try it and are disappointed, I will send you a bottle of blue cheese dressing as a consolation prize.*

I know that people have been making their own dressing for centuries so my "discovery" may be totally lame, but it is a BREAKTHROUGH in eating more salad for me. Honestly I just threw together a bunch of herbs from my yard . . . and you can, too!

How to Make a Great Salad (very similar to "The Salad" for those of you in the know)
Throw some leafy lettuce in a bowl. Just a clump o' health you picked up at the farmers' market.
Throw grape tomatoes in there, too.
Add a heaping dollop of farmer cheese, because it is the same thing as goat cheese for crying out loud and it is way cheaper!!!!!!
How about some cucumber?
Or dried cranberries?
Whatever. To me, this is now salad. Even just lettuce + tomatoes is "salad".

The Best (non-bluecheese) Dressing Ever and if You Don't Try it You are Missing Out, I Swear!
Mix together in a jar or something with a lid, in proportions you find pleasing upon experimental sampling:
- olive oil
- seasoned rice vinegar (I used Nakano Red Pepper flavor, which yes has HFCS in it, but it's coating a big bowl of HEALTH so who the hell cares in this case)
- cilantro (chopped)
- basil (ditto)
- chives (chop 'em)
- mint (chop, mince, dice, you know . . . these herbs should be itty bitty)
- salt
- pepper

Shake it and glop some on your salad and EAT. Isn't it so herby and plant-y and good?

* Provided that I know you, and like you, and you're not lying because there is no way this could disappoint you, especially since I left the proportions up to you so quit your whining!

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