Thursday, June 5, 2008


I truly enjoy how we've hit a cloudy/drizzly spot in the weather, and I'm going around slightly chilly. Cozy cups of tea, long sleeves, multiple blankets at bedtime, fires in the fireplace . . . it's been practically autumnal this week! And it's June. Last year it was way warmer around this time. We had some bouts of shorts and tank tops a few weeks ago, but as I look out the window it's steadily raining and my fingers are kind of cold typing. Mmm, summer days in the 50's-60's . . . I'll take it!

Speaking of the fireplace, I love that thing! Irrationally, I want to light fires in it all the time!! I've never had a (working) fireplace before and it's great to get that smoky woodsy smell all through the living room and be COZY. Well, it doesn't really add much by way of heating the place (hmm, secret desire to get a wood stove insert thingie someday), but it is really fun for me. We've got all this LUMBER that came from chopping down the enormous hedge! This means I'm burning mostly hollow, not-so-dry arborvitae TIMBERS, but that's OK. I'll be buying marshmallows soon if this fall weather keeps up! Again, like my bread enthusiasm, A. thinks I'm a bit weird. Endearingly weird, I'm sure. :)


z_no said...

Dude, I bet you firewood is super cheap up there in logging country. I'm totally jealous of your fireplace :)

Dorothy said...

Yeah, on CL you can get cords, half-cords, and pickup-loads for a whole range of prices from various people. After burning this hedge-wood, which goes pretty fast, I'm going to try to get hardwood when I actually *buy* this stuff.

It's funny, when we were looking to buy a house, some of the real estate ads talked about a property's "marketable timber". Just something I never thought of before -- if you have acres of trees, you can chop them and sell them! We're keeping our crap hedge-wood to ourselves, ha ha!

Relli said...

last week the weather here was GORGEOUS tank top weather to the MAX I even got a sunburn!!!

but this week! BLAH. cold and rainy. today my host parents have a fire going in the fireplace! YAY!

if i didnt have WUNDERBAR deutsche bread, i would totally be jeaolous of homemade bread :P