Friday, August 29, 2008

I have a GOAL

Yesterday I was all stressed out for no reason. Stressing out for no reason, or what I like to call "vague anxiety", happens to me a little too frequently for what I would like to be my style. So I did the "meditation for calm" routine on my beloved yoga DVDs (vol. 6, program 11), and felt great afterwards.

While watching, I noticed that the guru guy recommends doing this exercise/meditation set for 40 days in a row. That it has countless benefits of mind and body and after 40 days, leaves you a non-stressing, patient, relaxed individual. Or at least gives you easy techniques to get to this state when you're all worked up from things like driving down the Fred Meyer parking lot rows in the wrong direction (I always ignore the arrows . . . whoops), or finagling a polarized plug into a socket you can't quite reach behind some furniture (death and destruction, I hate polarized plugs!), or watching your dog lick its chops after dining in the cat's litterbox (kill me now), or still being a week and a half into potential barbecue plans that may or may not happen tomorrow (keep remembering: I'm on the west coast, I'm on the west coast, these people can't help it but HOLY CRAP can a decision be made puh-leeze??) You know, the assorted small annoyances of life that, well, most people can just miraculously overlook.

I also want to overlook and let go, or at least not have the tiny things get me in a rage, or the unplanned things make me feel like I've had a dozen espressos. The cumulative effect of many future things to do (like we're talking over days, weeks, months) sometimes hits me all at once, everything feels immediate and imminent, and I freak out. I want to simply look forward to fun things in a carefree manner instead of mentally running through every step of events in the next 2-3 weeks, down to fuelling up the car and locking the house. Yes, I was stressing about fuelling up the car a week from now. And this seemed normal to me until A. told me to cut it out!

With that said, I am going to do that yoga routine for the next 40 days! And anyone who reads this will get all the excitement of me posting about it right here! I thought I'd check off the days on the blog as a way to be held accountable, or something like that. Obviously (obviously) I'm also making a wee little calendar that will afford me the pleasure of filling in boxes in lovely black ink every day.

So, wish me luck! If I skip a day, boy will I be pissed at myself, so yeah, hopefully I can do this! Starting yesterday, natch. One day down, I'm not going to not count it!! Today is Day 2, so expect a post later (I'm aiming for 4:00ish yoga). <--See the "ish"? It must be working already.

Friday, August 8, 2008


This was going to be a list of yays and boos, but I'm feeling rather positive right now, so it'll just be yays! Yay to:

* chill music on Groove Salad
* starting Master Gardener training in Sept. (go, me!)
* sun tea sweetened with backyard stevia (everyone should try growing this plant, it is SO sweet! Chop the leaves into your tea for a sweet surprise here and there, calorie-free!)
* Tung oil on my writing table (will apply second coat in about 10 mins!)
* My perky happy awesome kitten (now named "Muesli", FYI)
* Book inspiration via the web and memories . . .
* Samurai Jack (Netflixed first season and need more!)
* upcoming ladies' tea party
* return of the hummingbirds to the yard
* the weekend!