Friday, August 8, 2008


This was going to be a list of yays and boos, but I'm feeling rather positive right now, so it'll just be yays! Yay to:

* chill music on Groove Salad
* starting Master Gardener training in Sept. (go, me!)
* sun tea sweetened with backyard stevia (everyone should try growing this plant, it is SO sweet! Chop the leaves into your tea for a sweet surprise here and there, calorie-free!)
* Tung oil on my writing table (will apply second coat in about 10 mins!)
* My perky happy awesome kitten (now named "Muesli", FYI)
* Book inspiration via the web and memories . . .
* Samurai Jack (Netflixed first season and need more!)
* upcoming ladies' tea party
* return of the hummingbirds to the yard
* the weekend!

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