Monday, September 15, 2008


I've been feeling like life is really busy and full lately, which is good I guess! Not even that much is going on, but it feels like a lot! Last week I made up two recipes I'd like to put on the blog for YOU to try; I canned peaches with Anita -- first time canning, it was fun; I made food for the neighborhood BBQ yesterday; I got a haircut; I planted more plants; cleaned the house fo' real; took pets to the vet; made baby steps toward the prep of selling old comix online (oh you know you want them!); even wrote a bunch of ideas for my novel thingie; and survived movie night last night with rambunctious dogs and a creepy scary movie.

Today I'm cooking a pork roast, a peach pie, and zucchini bread as I try my experiment of lumping all my household chores into one day (when all I worry about is chores, thus freeing the rest of the week for creative pursuits).

This week jogging moves to Tuesdays as I start my Master Gardener class on Wednesdays!! I'm very excited about this class, and I aim to take good notes, do my homework, and become an expert! The first homework assignment is to bring in a soil sample from my yard! :)

Also planning out our heat pump situation which involves moving a huge rose bush; fixing up the guest room; painting the 2nd bathroom (finally!); looking towards Thanksgiving when my family will visit; planning some much-needed vacation time; and walking the dog at increasingly long intervals (15 mins . . . 20 . . . 30 . . . several times a day) as she grows. So I just feel busy!

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rebecca said...

sounds busy, but lots of fun stuff. that master gardener class sounds awesome!