Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yoga 34

Fresh to the computer from more yoga. This time I experienced:

a) an overwhelming desire to take an autumnal walk in Schenley Park, and subsequent sadness that it's thousands of miles away, as are a handful of friends, the place I got married, and the house I grew up in. Weird.
b) Moxie coming over and nosing my hand while I lay on the floor, presumably to make sure I was still alive. This was so cute!! I petted her, smiled, and said nothing.
c) During the final meditation I got all panicky about past things, like paths not taken in life and what-if's and crap like that. Stuff that I'm pondering for this book I want to write. So it was a combined panic about the future, too, i.e. writing the book. I had to work really hard to stay sitting there and not give up!
d) Around this point I also came to notice that my feet were freezing, my back was hurting, and I was super hungry. I admit, I looked at my watch (such a yoga no-no, I'm sure), and just felt desperate to be done. Thankfully, 10 seconds later, the meditation wrapped up and I got to do the deep relaxation in triumph that I did yoga again!


rebecca said...

I just got all teared up about you not being able to take an autumnal walk in schenley park. on a lighter note, you'd probably want to stay inside today - as the weather is getting up to 88 and we've had an orange level ozone warning for the past two days. You are missed, my friend.

Dorothy said...

Oh, Bec! snif snif, I miss you, too! (writing you a letter is at the top of my list, BTW!) But hmm, 88 and ozone warnings are no good. You know, I don't miss that "Pittsburgh smell" (you know, the sulfurous one), but every so often here I get a waft of the Georgia-Pacific mill. Blargh!

rebecca said...

aaah yes. the scent of pgh. you know we passed up L.A. for having the highest level of pollution. I love getting letters, so that would just be great. ( :