Monday, January 12, 2009

A Truly Happier New Year

As you all know, my birthday week is almost upon us. What, you didn't know?! Well get with the program! Anyway, I'm turning 30, which really isn't a big deal in terms of dreading this new number in the 10's column or anything, but it does have me looking towards my next decade. ("Decade?" you exclaim. "Who thinks of their life in decade chunks, that's crazy talk!?" Capricorns do, my friend.) Really, I don't typically plan my life a decade at a time, but I do want to end up a brilliant, thoughtful, successful member of society and not some loser who has lost all her art skills and, like, blogs all day and as discussed last night, spends her time flitting about with no direction. Oh, and still hasn't earned her credits for social security, and can't put the max into her Roth IRA. No, sir!!!

This year I have some plots and plans. And instead of being all elusive like a few posts ago, I will clarify them here so everyone can yell at me later if I'm not doing them. 2009 is the year of art experimentation! I'm giving myself this entire year to see what happens media-wise, because apparently I'm pretty bad at picking something and sticking with it. So this year, the pressure's off! I have book ideas. Little 3D critter ideas. Painting ideas (why yes, I plan to hone my nonexistent watercolor skills ASAP, and use them). I just signed up on Etsy. I will offer my wares there. And not be (too) bothered if they sit there forever, but be overjoyed if they get sold. Because yeah, it's time to get with my own program. Wait, I have no program. Oh okay then, it's time to make whatever the hell I feel like making and share it with people, and get this "career" part of life back on track. Because really, if I look back at 40 and see a decade of what I've been doing recently, I'll be pissed. So I'm planning ahead, people! What better motivation than your own future ire?

Oh and I already re-self-published Ev and Art in a snazzy new way, and I just have to wait for my test copy to come in the mail, then it's all yours for the buying! Save your pennies kids.

Next year, if none of this has led to personal fulfillment and a small wad of bonus cash, I'll reconfigure.

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