Monday, February 23, 2009

my dark secret!

So I know I'm all artsy, and I don't like working in offices all day long doing stupid crap like filing and making powerpoints and just generally being a glorified intern. BUT, I was at Staples yesterday looking for a business card holder (because yes, I do have business cards for my Etsy shop, duh!) and I had a little realization.

I was looking over the day planners and "pad-folios" and the sort of briefcase thingies, leather "note-jotters", accordian files and other assorted organization tools for the busy, on-the-go executive. I was intrigued as usual, especially wanting a "padfolio", though I have no real use for one. And I realized, "Dorothy, you just WISH you needed one of these. You want to put all your important papers in here, hop on the subway to your meeting, impress people, smile and shake hands and be a successful professional."

And the truth is, that's the truth. Sometimes. I do wish I had places to go, people to see, ideas to share, tasks to work on, and actual money to make. But not just in the form of office busywork or being somebody's organized little helper. I'd only really be happy doing that if it revolved around my ideas, done my way, run by me. Which is what I'm doing now, only with a completely different vibe, minus the padfolio and the income.

So I'm sort of not there yet, I guess. Or maybe I never will be, and I'll just keep working from home amongst the dog's shredded toys, seeing if I can coax A. away for a coffee break, keeping myself mentally on-task for the day, checking on my seedlings now and then, starting dinner in the afternoon, wondering what the rest of humanity is doing outside of this house. Hey, it's not so bad! Well, I have to just keep beliveing that what I'm doing will lead to my ultimate goal as stated above: the need for a padfolio!

I never did get a business card holder at Staples. They had a serviceable black leather one, but I think I'm going to shop around, see if there is something more fun, like maybe a zipped neoprene camera/cell phone case . . . .

Honestly I don't need a padfolio, I need to make a travelling paper/pen/pencil/art kit of some sort. I'll let that idea simmer on the back burner for a bit.

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