Thursday, February 5, 2009

One of "those" people

Oh no, oh no no no, I think it's begun . . . I am becoming a SPICY FOOD ADDICT! I think I've already reported that when I first started using my jar of chili sate paste, a half-teaspoon could season a whole dish. These days I'm at about a 1-2 tablespoon level, which previously would have just about knocked me dead!!

But today I knew I was headed down the slippery slope when I tasted my modded bowl of ramen noodles/pork loin/peas (hey, it's what I eat when I feel a cold coming on), and I thought, "Hmm, needs heat!" and then added a nice big pinch of cayenne pepper.

Am I doomed? Will I have tastebuds left? Or am I doing my body a favor by setting off those "feel-good" chemicals? All I can say is OM NOM NOM!!

Related: Sometime in my past I had declared that for the month of February, I'd only make Indian food for dinner. (This was to try out a bunch of recipes in some cookbooks I have!) Well, it's started out quite well, and I even have some lovely photos that may become the first photos on this blog!! Stay tuned!

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