Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great things from today!

* I took a class on mason bees with Joleen! Very informative and fun, and now we have our little kits to build them a bee condo out of PVC pipe and parchment paper. And to make the other type of dwelling, I went to Salvation Army afterwards, got a knife block, and we'll drill it full of 5/16" holes and put it on a post tomorrow! Yay pollination!

* My latest creation got featured in an Etsy treasury today! Take a look before it expires on Monday! This is the *second* time I've been in a treasury, and I think it's awesome that folks like my stuff (and all the stuff with it is always really cool, too!)

* Dinner was homemade Hyderabad chicken (from a packet), vegetable bajji (not from a packet!), and rice. YUM. And yes the house smells like frying Indian food, but that's allowed . . . for now.

* Last night I internet-zombied a bazillion recipes for the mysterious lemon cream cheese almond muffin, and narrowed my findings down to 9 recipes (each unique in some way!). Now I'm entering into MUFFINQUEST, whereby I will systematically make all these recipes, freeze portions, taste test, and no doubt blog all about it to give you something to fall asleep to. Ha!

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