Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feeling great!

* Made peach muffins last night at around 10:30pm (Night Owl 4-Eva!)
* Drew comics all day and stayed on track using timers and persistence (woot!)
* Comics are pretty great (extra woot!)
* You will see them soon, as long as my old web program still works on this computer and I don't have to re-learn everything in a new one and re-do my website, which would certainly take a while . . . or I guess there's this blog . . .
* Just walked with the neighbors, had fun! Got coffee! Mood brightens even more with coffee!
* Doing the usual Tuesday Night Sushi and Finances tonight -- I'm really craving sushi so I'm extra happy. The sushi is a pre-reward, then we go home and log receipts, pay bills, etc. for about an hour or till done for that week. We've been doing it for a couple months, and not only are we always caught up on finances (=less work each time), having a designated restaurant night helps us eat out less overall! I recommend this routine for anyone looking for more consistent control of their finances, with less drudgery!
* Muesli is purring on my lap. He is such a love!!

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