Friday, May 22, 2009

A little Moxie story

Moxie is over a year old now! This means that she has graduated from puppy food to adult food. As she was finishing up her last bag of chicken-y puppy food, A. went out and got her some "Vegetarian" adult food, "as an experiment". (I guess his dog growing up was a big fan of vegetarian dog food.)

Well, we fed her the new food, and the first day she ate it and seemed to like it alright. But over the next few days, she didn't eat very much, and we'd keep putting down the same uneaten portion the next day. She was pretty much eating half of what she usually did. But it was a dutiful sort of eating, a dejected "well, I guess I have to stay alive" sort of eating. We tried sprinkling some olive oil on the food so it'd be more exciting, which helped a bit. After a few days of this continually shrinking appetite, a day passed where she ate nothing at all! It's a big deal for a dog to not EAT!

So we determined this vegetarian dog food was not cutting it; she obviously didn't like it. We went to get a different adult food, a lamb sort of thing. (A clerk at the store suggested Moxie might have worms, and we decided that if she didn't eat the new food, we'd get a dewormer.)

We brought the new lamb food home, poured out a full serving, and she ate the entire thing within 3 minutes. The next morning, put lamb food down, Moxie eats her usual exact half the bowl, and the other half at dinnertime. Now she is back on track!!

So the moral of the story is that our dog is NOT a vegetarian, and I don't blame her! (This may be weird, but I even tried a piece of each dog food myself! The veggie one tasted like a really sorry cardboard excuse for a cracker. The lamb one, while gross, at least had FLAVOR -- sort of a rosemary plus lamb plus fishy dogfood aftertaste.)

If I can swing it, here is a picture of Moxie (out at the coast in Feb.), which is the first photo on my blog!

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