Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let it go

I think (no, wait, I feel) that logic hides a lot more emotion than people would expect. Sometimes my worst moods come from analyzing the various uncertainties of life. If I could manage to drop that futile exercise more often and just meditate/be spontaneous/enjoy and explore, I think (No! FEEL!) that I could pretty much level up in life. If there are hidden emotions behind my thinking, then conversely, emoting more often should uncover hidden thinking and secret answers to all my problems! See, I've noticed that when I'm dreaming, answers of all sorts just flow directly to me and buoyant happiness makes me act on them. So how do you turn down the ever-present, eyebrow-knitting logic a bit?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happiness moments

* It may get to 105 degrees tomorrow (really??), but I am nice and cool inside because we put in a heat pump last fall! It's your heating system and cooling system in one! The wonders of modern technology.

* Our circa 1980 water heater finally gave out yesterday, but we just got a new one installed today so that problem is done, done, and done! No more 0.4% worrying in the back of my brain about when it will break. (the water heater, not my brain)

* Namaste Indian buffet . . . the shahi paneer was super good last night!

* Those moments when I just love A. a little bit extra . . . like how he keeps bags of tortilla chips closed with a pair of hard drive magnets. I mean . . . how nerdy is that? Sorry ladies, he's MINE! ha ha

* Despite the heat, I'm crazy and I'm digging out a portion of the sidewalk strip today to put in a hedge of lavender. It's gonna ROCK!

* Ooh, Robert convinced us to activate our sprinkler system (yeah, we've had that all along) and convert it to drip irrigation. The first experiment of that project was a major success, so I am EXCITED to continue!

* I'm more than slightly obsessed with playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. Even with its frustrating moments, I absolutely love that game. It's like Mario plus Myst plus cute plus teamwork and wonderment. And it's great that we've been playing for weeks and we're still barely halfway through all the levels. And whenever we finish, there will be Super Mario Galaxy TWO.

Sometimes summer can just be a big stretch of hot depressing ennui, but if I ignore that part, I can find lots of good moments!