Monday, August 17, 2009

Keeping busy and happy!

What have I been up to lately? A ton of activities!!

* Visited the family in Boston, went to Dominic and Sara's wedding, helped train Moka, my parents' puppy for a few days, saw "the slideshow" again, finally made it to the Ice Cream Smith (best ever ever ever), met the neighbor's giant fiberglass cow with Sam Adams painted on the side (HA!), just enjoyed the Bostony goodness of home without setting foot on the T or doing any other "home tourism". Lazy couch trip all the way!

* Rebuilt our patio roof/cover! It took almost a full week. Now instead of the murky green glow of decaying fiberglass, we have fresh new clear panels to see the sun and stars, white and cream to match the house, and general FANTASTICISM. I want to spend all my time out there. I want to buy many plants and pots and a rug and build a planter and a bench and this is the new outlet for my domestic creativity.

* Our clothes dryer failed, so we're getting a new washer/dryer pair on Thursday! (May as well get the washer replacement over with now as well, since surely it would have failed soon, too. They're only circa 1969 after all!) In fact, in moving the washer, the brittle old hose cracked so we can't use it anyhow. This on top of the new water heater (see last post) and the (of course overbudget, when are house projects not?) patio has me feeling rather broke at the moment, but life goes on!

* Lured by an email notice of peaches on special, I went peach, blueberry, and corn picking, then froze my 8.5 pounds of blueberries, blanched, cut, and froze my 2 dozen ears of corn, and canned 11 jars of peaches ALL BY MYSELF! Tiring but worth it!

* Oh, and I made 2 peach pies, with A's help :)

* And speaking of all this food, I want to give a shout-out to Boppin' Bo's Diner in the Vancouver Plaza (by Target) for having AMAZING sundaes. Amazing. I should not have eaten the whole thing, but I did!! Go there for a sundae.

* I've been studiously (I love the word studious, don't you?) working away at arty Etsy goodness and feel quite motivated and excited. These results take a while to appear, however, so I thank you, my internet audience, for your patience. Actually my book has been selling briskly so get your copy now if you want it! Only 4 left!

* I'm hosting book club this week, so I'm preparing for that. Delicious addictive bubble bread ahoy! And getting out the nice plates, and vacuuming, and etc.

*I've been reading books like crazy, finishing them, and enjoying it! I'm back in the habit, I guess. Thank you book club! I feel sort of hermit-like but I think hermit-like periods are sometimes necessary in life. Actually, when A. goes on his next trip, I'm going to give myself sort of a personal "retreat" and do lots of yoga, get up early, work on creative stuff, develop some healthy habits, get super-inspired (hopefully) etc. so we'll see how that goes.

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