Thursday, August 20, 2009

more adventures

I got a huge box of free veggies at the greenhouse this week (or should I say the farm, since we're harvesting in the fields now)! Most of this haul was tomatoes and jalapenos, so I made my first-ever batch of salsa! It was tasty but my methods need adjustment. I froze a lot of it.

I went to window-shop (more like field-shop) at Linda's Dahlias in Washougal and got all inspired to plant a ton of dahlia varieties! With money I don't have! Oh well, some day. For now, I'm learning the secret code of dahlia classification as an unintended bonus. sweet!

In other news, don't think that I have turned into a total Northwesterner now because let me tell you, I was feeling very East Coast the other day as I attempted to get things done. Just get things done! It is a concept that people here are utterly unfamiliar with, it seems, and it still drives me bonkers. Just, oh my goodness, learning that the idiot you're talking to IS the manager. Not having anyone know what they are talking about. People getting all flustered and cowering at your inquiries. Wishing you were back East so competent people can just handle what you need done in an effective, effiecient, and intelligent manner. Ugh. Maybe I am snobby and demanding but these are simple tasks, people, and my snobbery and demands must be accomodated!! Sigh. Just feeling like a fish out of water again lately. Like my thought processes do not match up with other accepted modes of being (both business and personal), and I just don't understand!

Cycling back to the bright side, the people at the greenhouse are really nice, and I love volunteering there! So there's that at least.

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