Friday, September 25, 2009



* flaky people
* people who pronounce "garage", "garadge"
* furniture that doesn't fit the layout of my house
* weeds in the garden
* traffic shenanigans on my corner (u-turns, stopping where there's no stop, NOT stopping where there IS a stop, bicyclists shouting their conversations as if no one else can hear . . .)
* not enough hours in a day
* my own reliance on schedule, routine, and lists, and how inept I feel without them or when plans change


* a calming certainty that my life is fantastic, despite minor annoyances
* this random relaxing music playing on some Chinese garden website in a background tab, looping over and over and soothing me
* and gardening in it
* this cup of coffee
* and the salsa I will be making this evening
* and whatever movie we may go see tonight
* and working on a million arty things next week

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