Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trip to Chicago: the food portion

Chocolate milkshake, Superdawg, crab soup, lemongrass beef on apple salad, salt and pepper squid, rare tuna, mango ice cream with a fresh lychee nut!

cereal, milk, grapes grapes grapes, coffee, White Castles, onion rings, Dr. Pepper, bread and butter, carrots, salad with blue cheese dressing, cheese raviolis in meat sauce, tiramisu, bites of cookie sundae and bread pudding!

cereal, milk, grapes grape grapes, coffee, steak, bratwurst, Bean Stuff, potato salad, diet Mountain Dew, enormous homemade cream cheese pierogies, enormous homemade ham and cheese pierogie, thin crust cheese pizza, beer, deep dish pizza, spinach pizza!

triple latte, blueberry muffin, DIM SUM involving shumai, Chinese broccoli, shrimp dumplings, shrimp and chive dumplings, shrimp and tofu, beef spareribs, BBQ pork ribs, pork ribs, duck with supercrispy skin, slippery shrimp noodle envelopes, meat and rice packet, pork bao, crispy pork pastry, and an egg custard! Coffee, bread and olive oil, raspberry mojitos, beans with bacon, asparagus in Speck, curried halibut, tempura okra, chocolate lava cake with raspberry.

coffee, crispy hash browns, scrambled eggs, fruit plate, oatmeal with brown sugar, nuts, and dried fruit, orange juice, bite of sausage, turkey bagel sandwich, coffee, piece of cookie,
[on airplanes or in Dallas:] Sprite, coffee, fried chicken, cajun fries, biscuit, coffee, Sprite, Sprite,
[and at home:] homemade bread, toasted with butter.

Gained only 2 pounds, not too bad!

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