Thursday, October 29, 2009

I.F. -- Frozen

I know, this is almost 2 weeks late, but here is my art for "Frozen"! My idea was to illustrate some of the colder places I've been, where I felt really frozen! (Click for larger image)

I had a grander scheme, but ended up doing these 2 pieces:

This first picture is me, Arvonn, and Marel in Santa Fe, NM, last Christmas. It was cold the day we visited (in the teens), but that was the coldest I'd experienced pretty much all year, now that I live in the Northwest where it doesn't get cold (and I am, sadly, never frozen). We got a few coffees to warm up over the course of the day!

My old apartment in Pittsburgh was plenty cold due to single-pane drafty windows and a hit-or-miss heating system. My cheapness also made me reluctant to turn the heat up too high even when it did work. The front sun porch was coldest of all, even with the plastic sheeting we put over the windows each winter. I wore a hat indoors -- sometimes coat and gloves, too. Here I am at my old desk, frozen! I sure do miss snow.


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rebecca said...

these are awesome! by the way...we are having a potluck tonight and I was thinking...gosh - I miss dorothy! Hope you are doing you book by the way!

Dorothy said...

Thanks, Bec! You know, I think of you all the time because of those brown paisley napkins you made me! We use them basically every day. :)

By the way, congratulations on your licensing!!