Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Summer Photo Backlog, Part Two

O, Canada!

My two big trips this summer were to both coasts of Canada!  Let's play a little game: can you guess which photos were taken in BC, and which in NS?  Answers are at the end of the post.













A. NS -- stopping by a beach on a nice day's drive.
B. BC -- Butchart Gardens in Victoria, a most beautiful and expensive place!
C. BC -- the ferry to Victoria Island.  Note the mountains FLOATING IN THE SKY!!  I had SUCH a fun time on the ferry ride. :)
D. NS -- sunset on the walk home from the beach.
E. NS -- Blomidon!
F. NS -- Fishbits at R+G Diner with A. and my parents!  We ALL got fishbits. :)
G. BC -- Butchart Gardens, where you can't take a bad picture!
H. NS -- stopping by a Dairy Queen on a nice day's drive.  Why aren't all Dairy Queens, and all other restaurants, equipped with a compost can option???  WHY???  Thank you for doing it right, random Dairy Queen and most other places in Canada.
I. BC -- a kiss at Butchart Gardens!
J. NS -- taking a walk on the back road in the woods by the beach.
K. NS -- pretty picture snapped stealthily in a totally overpriced and useless art boutique place that shall remain nameless ;)
L. BC -- the view out our window at UBC, which is pretty any time of day and never gets old!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summer Photo Backlog, Part One

Since I haven't done a photo post since June (oops), I thought it would be nice to catch up!  Everyone knows I love food, obviously. :)  So, in vaguely chronological order, here is the first installment, Foods I Have Enjoyed This Summer!  Prepare to get hungry!

Here is A's birthday cake!  It's his favorite, the same one every year, banana cake with Super Secret Special Chocolate Frosting!

Lots of delicious little Hood strawberries, picked by me and A. and a visiting Brian!  We made lots of jam.

Oh, and I made strawberry shortcake, too!

Here is a day's harvest from our yard, during our ridiculously short summer!  Trust me, we enjoyed it while we could.

More yard bounty!

A really superb (and giant) piece of Boston Cream Pie, enjoyed on a boat in the Willamette River with A. and Cory G. and some scientists.  Everyone else at the table ordered the lemon cheesecake, and as the last one to order, I broke the consensus, to much good-natured kidding.  But why would you NOT order Boston Cream Pie????  And lemon cheesecake, what is up with that?  Maybe if it was NY cheesecake with the cherries on top and the little green pistachio sprinkles like they used to have at Linda Mae's, MAYBE, but since that is so hard to come by unless you verify it in a display case, I go with Boston Cream Pie.

A. presented this as a lunch/snack tray one day, and we devoured it.  I was obsessed with peaches this summer, getting them at the Farmers' Market as often as I could!!  Pregnancy craving, or good taste? You decide. :)

Speaking of peaches, A. and I canned a lot of them for the winter!  Thank you, Firestone Farms, and I really hope you stay in business for at least a few more summers!!

Fun fact!  A. and I have been grinding our own peanuts for peanut butter!  Why?  Because we are cheap, and all you need is peanuts and a food processor.  Our first batches were from some delicious Virginia peanuts given to us by Grandma J., and a subsequent few more were from the bulk peanuts at Winco.  Now, these bulk peanuts are already cheap enough, but they had a "too roasted" flavor for me.  I determined that we could roast our own with little effort.  We bought bulk raw peanuts, and after 15-25 minutes at 350 (careful! they go from underdone to burnt LIKE THAT), we had our own homemade roasty flavor.  Then we made peanut butter!  The flavor came out rather interestingly -- sweeter than I had thought, and a darker color because we didn't bother to remove the skins.

Just a little loaf of cheddar cheese bread!  All summer I/we have kept up the bread baking and pizza making!

Now, lest you think that this food scale is tipping toward the less-healthy side, I leave you with evidence that I also got in a few salads this summer!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I will find it . . .

A bit of a time lapse between drawing this and posting it, but here you go!

I've since done more Etsy browsing, and I think I'll probably get it from someone there!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Bet you didn't expect to see new comics here!  Well, here's one!  Click to make big and enjoy . . .

Monday, June 14, 2010

Long overdue picture post!

Well, here I am, back to bring you photos!  I was too lazy to really caption them properly (quantity over quality today), but here is some proof that yes, I did have a (bit of a) life this past little while. These are mostly yard photos, starting with some before and afters!

Here are the raised beds of peas in early May.  In the middle there are 2 old rutabaga plants from the fall that I don't really know what I'm doing with. Ha ha ha! I figure they will die back at some point and I will have two huge (that is: normal-sized!!) rutabagas!
Well, I guess a month and a half of constant rain is good for something: here are the peas now!  We're finally adding some sun to the mix.  Oh, and that's garlic, too, by the bed in the back.

Peas growing along in the miserable weather . . .
Aha! Early results!

Here is our raised bed (made by the talented Quentin, thank you!) in early May with purple potatoes in their little ditch, and some sage, basil, a random eggplant, and marigolds.
The potatoes now! I know, they are going to go crazy and really I'm not even going to try to stop them.

Here is the tomato bed in early May!  Raised beds are "in" this year; didn't you know? :)  I got all my starts from the Master Gardeners, but of course! I got my beloved cherries, but Al convinced me to branch out (har har) and try Tami G (a grape), Stupice (just really good I guess), and someone else recommended the Beam's Yellow Pear as maybe sweeter than Sungold?!  If it's true, I am there!  Well, I am.  I planted them, so we'll see!

The tomatoes now! Yes, we got some expensive colorful cages because life should be fun every now and then!! I feel like our tomatoes are playing on a jungle gym. :)  A. wanted to see how the different shapes held up and compared.

And the last comparison: my spray-painted container pots in early May!  Spray-painting them was an excellent idea (pats self on back).  Anyway, here we have some seeds I started: mimulus, baby blue eyes (I think), marigolds, an eggplant, and another Super Sweet 100 tomato.  Because you cannot have too many cherry tomatoes.

Boiyoiiing!  Now they are full of foliage!

Future blueberries! We may actually have a little crop worth harvesting this year.
California poppy

Centauria Montana -- I think this plant is SO COOL.
I liked the color contrast of delphiniums against our Japanese maple!  I totally forget where the delphiniums came from and what type they are.
True geranium, Johnson's Blue!  Or is it Rozanne?  Well, it rules.  Not to be confused with that pesky houseplant pelargonium, which has been masquerading as a geranium for years! It's OK though, I like those, too.  Had them at my wedding!
The iris have exploded this year!! I got the rhizomes from some free box or other on the street, and last year they mostly just put out leaves.  I love iris, and love the way they smell, too!
Merry marigolds.  Grew these from seed I collected outside some church downtown! They are doing just as well as their religious relatives.
Mimulus, monkey flower!  Grew these from seed, and they each look a little different.  I need to take more photos to show the differences!
Here are some dianthus (pinks), which I would like to point out have survived, multiplied, and totally thrived since I planted my seeds here from the Shady Ave. garden in Pittsburgh! I have divided these into a bunch of clumps, now all over the yard.
Another Pittsburgh seed thriver: wild flax!  I love love love this stuff, and it's getting really big and obnoxious by our front door.  I have been re-clumping it around as well. The flowers last for MONTHS and are the best blue, and floppy and happy, too!  I say, the more obnoxious, the better. :)

Future raspberries! These are going nuts.  Woot!

Here is proof that we had one nice day in May!

So many roses, so little time (to do anything about the aphids, to care about the powdery mildew, to deadhead, etc. . . .) I'm convinced that my roses will survive anything (they've consistently done so), so I tend to abuse them a bit.  Sorry!  I did do a huge pruning this weekend, so now they're back to being bushes, not trees.


I made a REALLY GOOD lasagna!  It was my first time even making lasagna, and made me wonder why I'd never made it before. I guess those big noodles in the box just looked . . . intimidating. Or complicated.  I don't know why!  But seriously, you can't go wrong with noodles, cheese, cheese, cheese, sausage, and tomato sauce.  Anyway, now that the world of lasagna is open to me, I plan to make a lot more!!

Little Orphan Dog is wrapped in her scrap of cloth, shivering in the cold-- no no, it's just Moxie being all cute. :)

To cheer myself up, and celebrate some nice weather (finally!!), I put out this fun tablecloth I had bought at Cost Plus.  It looks so festive to me, like it's ready for a birthday party to take place around it!  It's saying, "Put the cake on me! Gather round! Sing! Open presents! Be merry! Don't forget the ice cream!" I actually bought it months ago, but was saving it for springy/summer weather.

And there you have it.