Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday week!


A. and I had a quiet little birthday celebration and went out for pizza (and I forgot my camera).  Thanks to the handful of people who remembered my birthday!  So far being 31 totally sucks, actually, but I'm determined to make it great.  I have 51 more weeks to work on it!

Also of note: I went to book club this week (again, totally forgot to take pictures), picked up a new 11x17 scanner/printer (thanks, Dad!!), and have started customizing my outfit on the Wii game Boogie Superstar!  It looks to be a totally cheesy and fantastic dancing/karaoke game.  woot!


Alan said...

Love that oven as well.

But I'm trying to replace one of the burners (small 1600 watt) & can't find the model number on the Custom Imperial. Do you know the model no. by any chance.


Dorothy said...

Actually, I do know! I have the original sales pamphlet, and my oven is either Model # KFF4A (or KFF3A . . . maybe a color difference?) Good luck finding a burner!