Friday, January 8, 2010

December 09

Welcome to my blog for 2010! I hope to post more photos this year. Wait, I mean, photos at all, because I didn't have any before! Anyway, to start off right, here is a photo journey of our Christmas and New Year's trip to Boston! (I thought I sized all the photos the same, but I guess not. ?? You can click them to make them larger, I think. The method of uploading photos is bizarre and irksome, but I will learn it and deal!)

Let me know how you like this new version of things! I want to try to bring it to you weekly. Happy New Year and happy Friday!


rebecca said...

your living room is awesome! I wish we were neighbors still, so I could come over right now and visit!

Dorothy said...

I wish you could come over, too! We could have tea and I could get you hooked on the Wii (if you're not already)!