Friday, February 5, 2010

February is PIZZA MONTH!

I just wanted to clarify that A. and I are attempting to make pizza every night this month, which is why you'll see lots of pizza photos!  Last year I dubbed February "Indian food" month and tried to cook it every day.  I learned a lot of techniques that have stuck with me!  So hopefully after this, we will be able to cook perfect pizza with ease.  We're mainly using the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day for the dough, which makes a nice small pizza, perfect for 2-person dinner and then a leftover lunch.  TEEN-AGE MU-TANT NIN-JA TUUUURTLES!  Pizza time!!!

On to the photos.


I was going to draw some comics from this week/last week, but my scanner isn't currently hooked up and I'm too lazy to futz with it, so I didn't even draw anything.  Pathetic, I know, but true.  So I will just describe something funny instead!  Last week I was picking up a library book I had on hold.  Now, with books on hold, you go to a special shelf where all the books are placed sort of sideways with receipts sticking out, and the receipt has the start of your last name really big, so you can find yours.  Usually I'm the only TULL amongst various TURNs and TEMPs and so forth.  But this last time, I found TULL, and looked at the book.  "Strange," I thought, "this is really thin.  I thought my book had 600 pages." I pull it out and it's "The Official Pokemon Handbook", complete with dazzling foil-sparkle pokemons all over it!  Ha ha, wow, wrong TULL today!  So I go to the next (bigger) book and it's called, "Stop The Thyroid Madness!" with this sassy lady on the cover putting her hand out and being all defiant.  Ha ha ha ha, still not me!  Next to that was my book, but it made me laugh.  I wonder if those were for the same other TULL or 2 different people.

Also this week: I worked on some Etsy shop ideas (though they are far from implementation, sorry!  it's slow going again, grumble), did Wii Fit Plus every day (!), have started obsessively watching Farscape with A. (it's great!), had fun at the greenhouse as usual, had a nice walk with Anita today, and tonight (since we never went for sushi and you do need a break from pizza occasionally) we are going to Indian food buffet!  I can barely wait; I love Indian food buffet!

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rebecca said...

that clock is fantastic!
i want to visit your garden and eat all of your pizza this month!
Love the photos...keep em coming!
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