Friday, March 26, 2010

More springy fun and a feast!

This week: I took care of some RevolvingDor stuff, A. was supposed to go on a biz trip but didn't (yay!), we played tennis (!!) at some nearby courts, continued on in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, oh and I made some zany and delicious Wheat Thins candy (yes, it is goooood!), and enjoyed a few days of really nice weather!

Oh, and despite some major setbacks in the "freelance" area (tsk . . . annoying!!) I am going to take my entrepreneurial spirit and SOLDIER ON with my shop and my ideas and just make my own success.  So there. Just watch me!!!

Onward to photos!

OK, so now we get to the Indian food feast that I made on Thursday night! I just felt like cooking, and I ended up making 4 dishes (5 if you include the homemade paneer, details next post), with A. contributing a cucumber raita. I know, I'm crazy, but sometimes I do crazy things to get my "accomplishment" high. Don't you? Oh, you're not a perfectionist? Nevermind. I know all my fellow high-achieving weirdos understand; you know who you are!

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