Friday, April 2, 2010

iiit's April!

I was a bit sick this week (after getting caught in the rain while jogging -- somehow my system did not like this! Thanks a heap, jogging!), A. and I played more Wii, watched lots of old Doctor Who (Peter Davison with Tegan and Turlough), kept getting packages from, and I posted my NEW and IMPROVED and BIG version of Toasty and Snowy on my RevolvingDor shop! Wow.

The pesto was from Costco, purchased after eating . . . not pesto . . . OK, basil leaves being touted as "pesto" (um, there is more to pesto than that, people) . . . and craving REAL pesto!  This summer I'll be making my own! Real pesto is one of those addictive, too-good-to-be-true foods, like corned beef brisket!

The other part of the scrapbooking project (by the way, it's the cruddiest, most simplistic scrapbook you ever did see -- this was a case of "get these things in a book and caption them before we forget what they are" rather than a creativity explosion as seen in "scrapbooking supplies" at Craft Warehouse and the like) ANYWAY, the other part was to keep the fire in the fireplace going and burn through a lot of our excess hedge-lumber before we cut down more of our hedge and have more lumber on our hands with no place for it to go! Yes, we're going to chop more of the hedge soon to make way for fabulousness.

Oh, and this had nothing to do with photographs -- photo album making is another area that I excel at ignoring. I hope to improve that situation soon, too!

Or am I crazy?
See all those black plastic pots? Some day they will be painted fun colors, magically transformed into "containers", full of plants, with vines all growing up and around in back and making that bamboo fencing way more interesting!  Also little shrubbies like hebe and some bulbs and ground cover.  Just sharing my vision.

We have now set up the tumbler, but I didn't feel like going out in the rain at the time to photograph it. It was great; when I shifted our giant pile, there were buggies and wormies galore!! But also lots of the pile that was dry and not-composted.  So hopefully now that I have a proper device (one that I will actually turn with ease, this is key, because I refuse to go through the trouble of pitch-forking my open slow pile), I'll have quicker compost.  I only filled this thing with about 1/5th of the pile . . . which we still have to do something with to cut down the hedge . . . oh, I don't know. Something. Mostly I was getting really sick of looking at the huge mound of trash in the corner.  Yucksville.

By the way, do you, reader, like having this expanded commentary on the photos, or do you just like to look at pictures? Just wondering. Anyway, this evening A. and I might go on a date to Powell's to use a gift card! whee! Have a lovely weekend. (I actually had a CRAPTASTIC day of strife, but it's all better now.) Later!

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