Thursday, May 6, 2010

Since last time . . .

I have had a lot going on!  And I haven't taken many photos.  But to get back on track and satisfy any blog readers (I know there are maybe 2 of you, ha ha), here is an update on my happenings.

* For our anniversary, A. and I went up to the Olympic Peninsula!  Now, not to sound all spoiled or cynical or both, BUT, after hearing how FANTASTICALLY beautiful it is there, ABOVE AND BEYOND anything you will ever see, I have to say, it really looks like most of the Northwest.  Super beautiful and naturey, foresty, beachy, mossy green, but . . . so's the OR coast, and the property of the B+B we stayed at, and many many other locales here and in OR and BC.  Just sayin'.  We did have a nice time, ate way too much food (not a good thing), cringed and laughed at all the vampire-centric stuff because we were indeed in Forks (I do have photos to post at some point!), and enjoyed pretty much complete sunshine.  In the rainforest.  Yup!

* Oh, when we came back, our cat was deathly dehydrated and ill!!  We took him to the vet, he had to stay overnight on an IV, and now he is temporarily on pills and blah blah blah.  Everyone's best guess is that he is really quite an "attached" cat, so he got depressed from being alone, stopped eating and drinking, and just started fading away!  BUT NOW HE IS IN PERFECT HEALTH AGAIN, just wanted to say that clearly!  Anyway, we have left him for 2-3 days on his own before, but 4 days was apparently too much.  And someone usually checks in on him, but that someone was . . . "unavailable" for their own "reasons".  Suffice it to say, we're now asking someone ELSE for future care, and will never leave him unattended like that again!!

* OK, the garden has been UPDATED!
> I painted the raised beds and put them in place!
> Q. made us an amazing raised bed out of a) the kindness of his heart; and b) these log-type board-scrap-cutoffs-with-bark-still-attached and dropped it off (so that's 3 beds, plus the 3 I had before = 6!) -- so that's around the back and will be for herbs!
> I had 4 cubic yards of 4-way soil mix delivered! (Crazy, I know, but that was the minimum order for delivery to my neighborhood -- according to the crabby lady at the store -- I should have sought out the nice guy. He'd have probably cut me some slack . . .)  Anyway, I used it in the beds, and all around my yard, and we offered up the rest to Q+C, and when they had all they needed, Cynthia and David and their son took more, and then Tiffany & Co. happened by and got the rest!  (no, not that Tiffany & Co., ha ha!) Amazing.  It was a day Mr. Rogers would have been proud of. :)

> So all my annuals are GOOD TO GO, and I've been peppering my yard with them!  I had thought about giving some away, but I'm being greedy instead and making my yard a crazy color explosion.  Yeah, sorry. *shrug* I did grow them myself, and I made no promises to anyone!  I've popped in a few extra perennials here and there, too.  All of a sudden I'm really into heuchera (coral bells) after not really giving them a second thought before.
> I also bought all my veggies from the MG's, and will put them in the raised beds this weekend (or sooner)!  I will tell you all the types another time, but I have tomatoes, basil, eggplant, peppers, cucumber, and pineapple tomatillos, which SOMEONE NEEDS TO PICK UP FROM ME and give me 4 bucks, he knows who he is!  ;)
> Oh and I spray-painted those big container pots outside and they look AWESOME!  I will definitely have photos later.  I highly, highly recommend this super-cheap fix for black plastic nursery pots.

* I enjoyed this month's book club (mmm, berry and chocolate tart!), and I'm picking up the next book from the library today. We now all supposedly have a "renewed commitment to reading/finishing the book", so I am acting accordingly.  Hey, I only got lazy 'cause everyone else did, people!

* I am excited because I just bought some pants yesterday!  Yes, pants.  I did this clothing swap thing back when I was thinner than I am now, and gave away all my "large" pants.  Then I bought all these pants that fit the new, "skinny" me!  And wore them for a while, and was happy and fit.  Well, those pants don't even button anymore and are up in my closet for another time.  I've been cycling through my only remaining 3 pairs of pants for like 2 months now (plus my grubby work/gardening jeans) and it was getting RIDICULOUS!  Anyway, I was feeling terrible, and desperate for new pants, so went shopping last night and bought 3 pairs (and 2 shorts!) that actually fit!  So what if I'm back up a size?  It happens, it's called life.  I still have all those wee 14's in the closet for when I lose those 15 pounds again . . . .

* I created a huge plan/schedule for my artworkings in preparation for the MG Conference in September!  So now I have goals and things to check off and I'm going to be a busy art-bee for the foreseeable future (but I have left slack for life in the schedule, wasn't that thoughtful of me?  A. helped me figure it out!!) As part of that plan, I'm a touch sad to say that my book has been put on hold until October.  I may ponder it from time to time, but this other stuff simply comes first.  Oh well!

*  Oh and I'm digging both the new Doctor Who (Eleven and his companion Anne of Green Gables -- I mean Amy Pond), and the old old Tom Baker stuff A. and I have been watching.  I love watching those, even though I inevitably fall asleep about 75% through Part Three EVERY TIME.  It's more like nodding off, but then I wake up and can piece together/watch the ending.  I dunno, I LOVE watching it even with the soporific qualities!  It would probably help if we started watching it earlier, like say before 8:30-9pm, ha ha!

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