Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Westinghouse Custom Imperial PSA!

I've gotten several inquiries about my stove / range (the most interesting part of my life, apparently!) :) , so I wanted to put up a picture of its little tag of specs (found right above the broiler area), for anyone who wanders by this blog looking for info.  Info on the WESTINGHOUSE CUSTOM IMPERIAL!  Here you go!

So it's Model # KFF4AXW 1, Serial # F187093, cycles 60 AC only, KW 17.79, Volts 115/230-120/240, 3 wire, installation form no. 0, and by the way, for rotisserie use 096814! There is the text for all your google-result needs, which I don't really understand. :)

Also, if any vintage stove aficionados read this, could you comment and tell me where I could find a bottom heating element for the left-side smaller oven?  Mine sort of sparked out and melted and we don't use that side anymore.  :(  Thanks!!!

I would put this on my whole stove info/love page, but, um, as I've said long ago, I can't even get into my own website anymore . . . until I learn Dreamweaver . . . which I had a terrible time with and frustratedly gave up.  Yeah, um . . .!

OK, back to your regularly scheduled broadcast!

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V said...

Big Thank You for sharing your stove's information. I did run across this site which rebuilds vintage stove elements: