Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Summer Photo Backlog, Part Two

O, Canada!

My two big trips this summer were to both coasts of Canada!  Let's play a little game: can you guess which photos were taken in BC, and which in NS?  Answers are at the end of the post.













A. NS -- stopping by a beach on a nice day's drive.
B. BC -- Butchart Gardens in Victoria, a most beautiful and expensive place!
C. BC -- the ferry to Victoria Island.  Note the mountains FLOATING IN THE SKY!!  I had SUCH a fun time on the ferry ride. :)
D. NS -- sunset on the walk home from the beach.
E. NS -- Blomidon!
F. NS -- Fishbits at R+G Diner with A. and my parents!  We ALL got fishbits. :)
G. BC -- Butchart Gardens, where you can't take a bad picture!
H. NS -- stopping by a Dairy Queen on a nice day's drive.  Why aren't all Dairy Queens, and all other restaurants, equipped with a compost can option???  WHY???  Thank you for doing it right, random Dairy Queen and most other places in Canada.
I. BC -- a kiss at Butchart Gardens!
J. NS -- taking a walk on the back road in the woods by the beach.
K. NS -- pretty picture snapped stealthily in a totally overpriced and useless art boutique place that shall remain nameless ;)
L. BC -- the view out our window at UBC, which is pretty any time of day and never gets old!


Joanne said...

Your pictures are beautiful..some remind me of a lake that our family camps near every year.

feesta said...

All the restaurants here (San Francisco) have the compost bins. It's the law! It feels like I'm littering when I am some place where the napkins get thrown into the land fill waste.